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Your Coplay Dentist’s Brushing & Flossing Guidelines

January 10, 2016

mother and daughter learning to floss using tips from their whitehall dentistDr. S. John Salivonchik and his Coplay, PA dental team love every opportunity to see your smile, but for most people, that just means twice a year dental checkups. The other 363 days a year, your smile is in your capable hands. No matter how well you care for your oral health, it never hurts to get back to basics. We’re happy to help during your regular office visits, and invite you to read on for some brushing and flossing tips and tricks to assist you in reaching your healthiest smile.

Why Your Allentown Dentist Recommends You Get Dental Checkup Every Six Months?

September 24, 2015

Man smiles with beautiful teeth thanks to his allentown dentistThe American Dental Association recommends that everyone have a dental cleaning and exam every six months. Dr. S. John Salivonchik, the Allentown dentist, agrees. So, would you like to know why regularly scheduled dental checkups are important? Well, here’s a list of the top 7 reasons for seeing Dr. Salivonchik twice each year.

Your Allentown Dentist

July 7, 2015

ThinkstockPhotos-177720514It’s never easy to decide on a new medical or dental practice. Whether you’re new in town, are looking for a new practice because your dentist retired, or you’re unhappy with your current practice for any reason, Consider visiting Dr. John Salivonchik’s convenient Allentown, PA practice today. Dr. Salivonchik offers a full range of dental health care, but his goal is to help people maintain their natural smile for life. Meeting his goal starts with preventive dentistry checkups that go beyond just the surface level examinations and cleanings. Call to schedule your checkup today.

Oral B Toothbrushes

October 5, 2010

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Oral B is offering a special promotion on the newest Oral B electric toothbrush The Smart Series 5000. We offer them for $100.00, which is a lower price compared to the stores in the area. There are also two rebates associated with the purchase. A $50.00 rebate is offered for buying the toothbrush, and another rebate of $15.00 is offered when you get your cleaning. Your total cost for this toothbrush is $35.00. The $50.00 rebate also applies to brushes bought in stores. This is a great limited time offer from Oral B.
Regardless of where it is bought.


April 30, 2010

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I have been a dental hygienist for 24 yrs now. When I first started out I really thought that all I had to do was tell people to brush and floss and they would. I was going to make all of my patients healthy. Change the dental world I was!! Wow what a rude awakening I had!!!
I then decided that I needed to educate my patients better. So I would explain that dental plaque (one of the main causes of periodontal (gum) disease) is a soft, sticky layer of bacteria that forms every 24 hrs. on your teeth. If you don’t brush and floss it away it would harden and become calculus (tartar), which then can be only removed by your hygienist. If it is not removed you can lose your teeth. That bacteria in the plaque, which has hardened and turned into tartar is now growing in numbers and these bacterial toxins and the body’s enzymes fighting the infection actually start to break down the bone and connective tissue that hold your teeth in place. REALLY, was my patient’s response. Still I had no luck with getting my patients to floss daily.
As the years have gone by studies are showing that dental plaque can affect the entire body. We know it is linked to;
Heart disease
Respiratory Disease
Preterm, low birth weight babies
Okay now I have the ammunition I need to get patients to floss. Nope, not so much as one of my good friends says. According to the AAP (American Academy of Periodontology) only about 13.5 % of Americans floss daily. What is a hygienist to do?
The other day a patient and I were talking and she said do you know what? What, I said. She said, “Do you know that Dr Oz says that you should floss everyday, because it can affect your whole body if you don’t? “REALLY”, I said. Turns out all these years all I needed was Dr. Oz. So now I am not going to explain everything anymore. I’m simply going to say, “Did you know that Dr. Oz says you should floss everyday or it could affect your entire body?” Crazy isn’t it?? Dr. Oz where were you 24 yrs. ago? I could have saved myself a lot of headaches.
Amy Linsell, RDH