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S. John SalivonchikD.M.D., P.C.

Creative Dental Solutions

Just a few years ago, dentistry had far fewer options than today to restore and rebuild the mouth to health. Some of the older options required significant time and discomfort, and were often more invasive and less predictable. Today we have several new techniques and materials that allow things to be accomplished faster, easier and better. The primary goal is to listen to the patients and understand what is important to them so Dr. Salivonchik can come up with a plan of how to get them there. Often, the traditional approach may have been recommended, but because of issues specific to the patient it may not have been feasible for them.

After he listens to a patient’s primary concerns, he’ll be able to construct a treatment plan consisting of selective, modern techniques, resulting in an overall approach that is sound and thoughtful. This customized approach may be more feasible for and satisfactory to the patient, because it addresses their primary concern. This does not mean the traditional approach initially recommended wouldn’t work; it just didn’t suit the patient's individual circumstances and desires.

The following example illustrates a customized, creative approach Dr. Salivonchik devised for a patient.

Maryann had severely prominent front teeth which affected her profile and the way she felt about her smile. Traditional corrective methods would have required two years for braces followed by jaw surgery. Following completion of that treatment, the old discolored fillings would have been replaced with an enamel-like material (crowns or veneers). She opted against undergoing jaw surgery, so Dr. Salivonchik formulated a creative approach that would give her the smile she had always wanted. First he used minor orthodontics using Invisalign to bring the teeth into a better position. Then, Dr. Salivonchik used porcelain crowns and veneers for further correction. He does not believe that veneers are a substitute for orthodontics (instant orthodontics) but in this case, veneers were an appropriate solution as the patients initial goals for a whiter smile which required veneers anyway. Finally, the doctor used dental implants in the back to replace teeth and stabilize the bite. The result is a bite that will never be “textbook” perfect but allows her to chew well and is very stable. Most importantly, she loves her new smile and gets compliments all the time.

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