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Allentown Dentist Discusses Common Causes for Dental Pain

October 18, 2016

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Your Allentown dentist discusses common causes for dental pain.Nothing ruins a great day quicker than tooth pain. Some say dental pain is some of the worst you can experience. Being proactive about your regular dental appointments and your oral health can help you avoid many dental issues, however there are a few things to be aware of that can cause tooth pain, and Dr. John Salivonchik is here to help you. Your premiere Allentown dentist discusses some common causes for dental pain.


Also known as teeth grinding or clenching, bruxism typically occurs during the night while you sleep. Bruxism causes a host of issues and can be tough to diagnose. Since it happens while you’re sleeping, most patients are unaware of their condition, however here are a few signs that you may be suffering from bruxism:

  • Tooth pain or sensitivity, especially when biting
  • Waking with headaches
  • Jaw pain or tenderness
  • Excessive wear or fractures on your teeth

If you think you may suffer from bruxism, discuss it with your hygienist and Dr. Salivonchik at your next cleaning and checkup appointment. You may be able to wear a custom fit night guard to help relax your jaw muscles and protect your teeth from bruxism.

Tooth Decay

Tooth decay is often the culprit of tooth pain, and again this is why regular dental visits are so important. Dr. Salivonchik can detect tooth decay much earlier than you can, and we screen you for it at every dental checkup. If you detect and treat it in its earliest stages, you’ll have the most success with the least invasive treatment. Tooth decay that is left untreated will progress, causing further damage and it could even lead to a dental infection.

Dental Infections

It may start off with sensitivity to hot and cold that typically goes away however, take action now. This could be the beginning of a dental infection, which will cause a painful toothache. Tooth decay, fractures, or other injuries can cause dental infections and it’s important to understand it will not go away on its own. A dental infection left untreated will progress, could lead to tooth loss, and puts you at risk for infection to spread to other critical areas of the body.

If you’re experiencing dental pain or sensitivity, it’s best to be proactive and contact Dr. Salivonchik right away. Root canal therapy can often preserve an infected tooth and save it from an extraction. Sensitivity due to tooth decay could possibly be alleviated with a dental filling when you’re proactive. Don’t take a chance, contact our office to schedule your appointment.

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